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A New Standard for Polarized Light Observation


Designed to meet your needs and requirements

The Olympus BX53-P Polarizing Microscope offers excellent performance in polarized light applications using a combination of UIS2 Infinite Correction Optics and an advanced optical design. The microscope is versatile to handle observation and measurement applications in virtually any field, thanks to an extensive line of compatible compensators.

Bertrand lens for conoscopic and orthoscopic observations

With a conoscopic observation attachment, switching between
orthoscopic and conoscopic observation is simple. It is focusable for viewing sharp interference from the rear focal plane patterns. Bertrand's field stop makes it possible to obtain consistently sharp and clear conoscopic images.

Minimum voltage optics


The sophisticated design and manufacturing technology used in our polarized light objectives reduces internal stress to a minimum. This means a higher EF value, resulting in excellent image contrast.

An extensive range of compensators and corrugated plates

Six different compensators are available for measuring birefringence in rock and mineral thin sheets. Measurement delay level ranges from 0 to 20λ. For ease of measurement and high image contrast, Berek and Senarmont compensators can be used, which change the delay level across the entire field of view.


Polarizing Microscope


BX3 Series



Excellent optical performance in an ergonomic design


A new dimension of industrial microscopy


With advanced optics, superior quality and an innovative ergonomic design, the SZX series is built to meet your industrial imaging needs. From observation to analysis and digital imaging, the SZX series offers the increased efficiency and productivity needed for industrial R&D and quality analysis.



By combining ergonomic instrumentation with the power of Galilean optics, the Olympus SZX series allows users to comfortably perform advanced stereomicroscopy tasks for extended periods of time. New ergonomic accessories bring the microscope closer to the user and provide flexibility for individuals of different heights. Providing a comfortable position for each user while working with the microscope reduces stress during observation and increases efficiency.



Polarizing Microscope


BX3 Series